Time to Rise, and Strive to shine: We are not allowed to live passive lives. This is why entertainment and other such activities, though not wrong in themselves, easily become moral issues. We need to Arise and Strive to Shine.

Rise. We need to cease walking with the world. This might not be comfortable or easy. The world might even demand that we live with them. But we must refuse. We are mission oriented. No matter what the costs, we must step out of line from the world and live a remarkable Life. We need to arise from compromises of the world where we become indebted and strive for the BEST.
For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?

Shine. It is not good enough if we only arise. We must shine. We must get involved. We must become active. I recently heard someone was urged to sign up for two professional baseball teams. Instead of the fame and the riches, he chose to work bringing the gospel to the Chinese getting by on a bare minimum of subsistence. We must refuse to sift through our treasures before putting them away. We must consider it sin to be easily offended and give up on the task God has set us to.
We must shine at all costs. What then is this great occasion that calls us to sacrifice all? Read more or join our Network

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